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Do you have a passion and knowledge for any aspect of home remedies?  Are you looking for a way in which to share this information with others? Well, here at Click Remedies we can provide you with an opportunity to do just this.

You can become an author for Click Remedies if you are able to write an article surrounding a particular specialized area within the remedies niche. This could be an article on subjects ranging from acne problems through to heartburn remedies , you have the opportunity to write an article on whatever you wish to inform and educate people. Once you have finished your article you are free to submit this directly to us at admin@clickremedies.com. The main benefit of doing this is the fact your article will gain a large amount of web exposure. You will also be able to mention your website, Facebook page, Twitter account or any other source by way of a link within your article. We will only link to quality websites so please keep this in mind when getting in touch.

Does this sound like something you are interested in? If so read on to find out about how to write articles for Click Remedies.

Step One
Before you begin with your article, we suggest that you take a look around our site first and read through some of our published articles. This will give you an idea of the type of writing style that is associated with our site and will also familiarize you with the topic areas and style of writing that is accepted on to our website.

Step Two
Ensure your article is at least 800 words in length, 100% unique, the article must be written and submitted only to Click Remedies. Please also include an image related to the article, you must have the rights to publish the image. As a thank you for submitting your article to us you may place one contextual link in the content and your url at the end of the article along with your name.

Step Three
Once you have submitted your article/s to us, all you will need to do is simply wait for them to be approved. Click Remedies has a team of experienced in-house editors who work on approving the articles on a daily basis. Within 2-3 days of you submitting your article to us, your article will be either approved or rejected depending on whether it complies with our guidelines or not. Either way you will be notified.

Step Four

If your article is approved it will then be sorted within our database where it has the potential of being read by thousands of people around the globe. In the instance that your article has not been successful, please re-check our guidelines. If you require any assistance into the reason why your article has been rejected, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to a great partnership!

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