What To Include In A Fat Loss Diet

fat loss diet

If you want to start a fat loss diet, it’s important to know that you are setting about it in the right way. In principle, most of us know the way to lose weight. The answer is to eat less and burn more through exercise. But some ways of doing this work better than others.

Does a fat loss diet mean eating a low fat diet?

The answer to this is: not necessarily. You do have to be careful what you eat, but any good diet plan will help you to lose fat. The most important thing is to find a reputable diet plan that includes enough of the foods that you enjoy, so that you find it pretty easy to stick to.

Low fat diets are great, but be sure to include some fats in your diet because they are essential to our nutrition. Fish oils (or for vegetarians, flax seed oil) provide nutrients that we find it hard to get from other sources, so you may want to take a supplement if you are not eating these foods.

Olive oil is the best choice for making salad dressings and cooking, but in many cases you can switch to low fat dressings and cooking sprays. Be sure that you always know how much fat is in your food.

Surprisingly, you can lose fat with low carb diets too, even if you are eating more fat than you are used to. The way that these diets work is by cutting carbohydrates to certain levels. Then the body is not getting enough carbohydrates to provide the glucose that it needs, and it will convert stored fat to glucose for energy.

This process (known as ketosis or lipolysis) takes a few days to get started. So if you decide to go for a low carb fat loss diet, it is important to stick with your diet plan in a very consistent way. Do not try to mix high fat and high carbohydrate diets: your body will not burn the fat if you do that.

Drink plenty of water.

In any fat loss diet it is important to drink plenty of water. Do not assume that you can substitute other drinks for the water. Tea and coffee act as stimulants which can affect sleep patterns and cause headaches and other problems. Diet soda may not have any calories, but it contains a lot of artificial sweetener and additives that your body has to process or store. Unnatural ingredients in foods are often stored in fat cells, so it’s possible that drinking a lot of diet soda could add to your fat cells instead of helping you to lose fat fast. We just don’t know.

Herbal teas are mostly problem-free but you can be giving yourself a massive dose of herbs if you drink a lot of these. Of course, the herbs that are used in herbal teas are not poisonous. Still, herbs can have effects which are usually therapeutic but which your body may not need. Some can have a calming effect, which sounds great but may slow down the metabolism. Others have a diuretic effect so that you store less water. This may give you the impression that you are losing fat when in fact all you are losing is water. So if you like herbal teas, change them around, do not drink a lot of the same herbs.

Always consult with a qualified medical practitioner before starting any exercise program or beginning a fat loss diet.


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