Weight Loss Motivation

Everyone begins a weight loss plan with good intentions and high motivation; but when the number on the scales refuses to budge after weeks of passing up French fries and ice cream, not to mention exercising to the point of exhaustion–it’s easy to give up.  Weight loss can be slow-going and requires persistence, but how does one stay motivated?

First, it’s important to have a very specific goal.  You may have said for years that you’ve wanted to lose 10 or 20 pounds, but saying that isn’t enough to make you actually do it. The goal must be more specific, with the amount of weight you want to lose, the reasons you want to lose the weight, and a time frame to meet the goal. Knowing, and listing, the exact reasons you want to lose weight will help you stay motivated.

Determine exactly how much weight you want to lose, whether it is 10 pounds, 15, 20 or more.  Next, determine a time frame to meet your weight loss goal. Pick a date and mark it on your calendar. Be sure to keep this date realistic; don’t plan to lose 20 pounds in 30 days, as you’ll set yourself up for failure.

Then, list the reasons you want to lose weight. For example:

•    To gain confidence
•    To fit into your favorite skirt or pair of jeans
•    To look good for your high-school reunion
•    To look sexy for your significant other
•    To go to the beach without embarrassment
•    For health reasons

Write down the list of reasons that it’s important for you to lose weight, and keep this list where it’s visible at all times.  When you are constantly reminded of the reason(s) you’d like to lose weight, you will be more inclined to make it happen.  At the top of your list, put the amount of weight you’d like to lose and the target date for meeting that goal.

Next, make a list of the all the good things that will result from your losing weight.  Your list may look something like this:

•    More confidence
•    Better health
•    To feel sexier
•    Pursue a new romance
•    Enjoy going to the beach or pool

And, what if you don’t lose the weight? What are the consequences?

•    Health may suffer
•    Miss out on fun activities
•    Might not get the guy you’ve dreamed of
•    Expense of buying new clothes that fit
•    Low self-esteem

Of course, these are just examples and your lists may be totally different. The important point is to know the specific reasons you want to lose weight, and list those reasons, as well as the consequences of meeting or not meeting your weight loss goal.

Another way to stay motivated to lose weight is to make your goal known. Tell friends and family members that you plan to lose twenty pounds within six months.  You’ll be more inclined to meet your goal when you announce it to the world. After all, you don’t want to look like you have no willpower. Also, when you let others know you are trying to lose weight, they’ll be less likely to tempt you with fattening dinners and desserts. Hopefully, they will cheer you on and help you succeed at meeting your goal.

If a friend or family member is struggling to lose weight, why not form a buddy system? Together, you can plan low-calorie meals, work out, and encourage one another.  You might even consider a competition. The first one to lose ten pounds wins $20, or a day at the spa, etc.

Weight loss motivation starts with clearly defined goals. Setting an amount of weight loss, a time frame, and a list of reasons for losing weight will help you through the rough patches.  Also, remember to let everyone know your intentions and diet with a buddy if possible.

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