Stop the Spinning with Vertigo Treatments At Home

To many people today, vertigo is one of those afflictions of yesteryear, something along the lines of say, Consumption or The Grippe. But to the millions of people who suffer from vertigo every year, it can be everything from a mildly annoying dizzy spell that passes after a bit, to a debilitating and life-altering illness that makes it impossible to walk, drive, turn your head or even to sleep without feeling dizzy and sick.

Vertigo, literally meaning ‘spinning’, can have an almost endless array of causes, but benign paroxysmal vertigo is one of the most common types of vertigo. Also called ‘Top Shelf Vertigo’ because the sufferer is often affected by looking up and down, is caused by small stones of calcium carbonate that attach to the inner ear, causing your inner ear, and hence your brain, to be confused about which way is up.

Vertigo Treatment At Home

While the causes can be varying and complex, treatments can be both simple and effective:

1.  While some treatments are often administered in a doctor’s office, an exercise often used by doctors can be used in a similar way at home. Place a rolled-up towel or small neck pillow under your neck, lying back on the bed or wherever else you are comfortable and not in danger of rolling off if you get dizzy. After you are relaxed, gently and slowly roll your head from side to side.

This exercise will help to dislodge the crystals from your inner ear, and many people report to have immediate relief from this. If you find that you are continuing to have the dizziness, repeat this move as many times a day as you need to. One study found that up to 35% of patients followed, who used this at home instead of at the medical office, had complete relief within a week or so.

2.  Gargling with X (insert gargle name here) while it seems that many people have used gargling as a way to relieve vertigo, opinions are wide and varying about the gargle of choice. But what you gargle with doesn’t seem to be of that much importance, as it’s the mechanism of swallowing that helps the small tubes that drain the inner ear to drain more effectively, alleviating another possible cause of dizziness. Similarly, drinking 2-3 glasses of ice water seems to be a cure that people have written about again and again. Most report varying degrees of success with this, but most all report some relief, even if it was temporary.

3.  Ginger: As far as herbal remedies go, the thing many folks swear by is ginger. Whether it is ginger tea, ginger ale, or straight up ginger root (if you can stomach that). The main requirement is that whatever you’re consuming needs to have large amounts of ginger infused in it.  Along the same line, the peel or zest of a citrus fruit of any kind put in a beverage or sprinkled over a salad or other food has been shown to be effective also.

Beyond these remedies, the best thing you can do for yourself and your vertigo is to understand and treat the underlying cause of it. Whether it is the inner-ear crystals, sinus trouble, dehydration or something else, understanding what it is that is triggering your vertigo puts you well on the way to getting back on your feet again.

Have you had Vertigo? Please help others and share your experiences below!

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