Swimmers Ear Home Remedy

Swimmers Ear can be very uncomfortable but a swimmers ear home remedy can help if used early on. Swimmers ear is caused by getting water in the ear when showering or swimming and causes itching, tingling and pain in the ear. Scratching can make the condition worse.

Swimmers Ear Home Remedy Top Picks

If you are experiencing symptoms of swimmer’s ear, try a swimmer’s ear home remedy.

  1. Try over the counter antiseptic drops – Drops such as Aqua Ear should be used after swimming.
  2. Make your own ear drop – Mix equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. White vinegar kills bacteria and fungus and alcohol helps dry the ears.
  3. Try heat from a blow dryer – Hold the blow dryer 15 to 20 inches from the ear and blow warm air into it for about 30 seconds.
  4. Use an over-the-counter pain killer – Aspirin or acetaminophen can help relieve the pain of swimmer’s ear.
  5. Cover with a warm towel – Apply a towel fresh from the dryer over the ear to relieve pain.
  6. Wear earplugs – Wearing earplugs can help you avoid a case of swimmer’s ear.
  7. Use mineral or baby oil – These should be placed in the ears before swimming to keep water out.
  8. Be careful where you swim – Swimming in ponds or lakes can be dangerous because they are full of bacteria. Swim in a pool treated with chlorine to lessen chances of contracting swimmer’s ear.
  9. Wear a shower cap – Wear a shower cap to help keep water from entering the ear.
  10. Shake the water out – After swimming or showering if you feel water in your ear, pull gently on the ear and shake the water out.
  11. Don’t poke things in your ears – Poking and swabbing the ears can actually exacerbate the problem.
  12. Try warm salt – Take normal table salt and heat in a plastic baggy or other container for a few seconds, till warm. Place the bag directly over your ear.
  13. Blow some smoke – If you know a smoker, have them blow a little bit of smoke in your ears for a soothing effect.
  14. Use a cotton ball with baby oil – Soak a cotton ball with warmed baby oil and place in the ears.
  15. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide and vinegar – Mix equal parts of 3% hydrogen peroxide, water and white vinegar. Put a few drops in ear. Leave your head tilted so mixture stays in the ear a few minutes, or place a cotton ball in the ear. Remove cotton and tip head back the opposite direction to let the mix drain.
  16. Use sweet oil – Soak a cotton ball with warm sweet oil and place in the ear to remove the water. Sweet oil can be found at many drug stores.
  17. Use garlic and olive oil – Squeeze juice from a clove of garlic into some warm olive oil and place a few drops in your ears.

If swimmers ear is accompanied by fever, severe pain, severe itching, a discharge of pus, or swollen lymph nodes, it’s important to see a doctor. Otherwise, try a swimmers ear home remedy for fast relief.



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