Pregnancy Nausea Remedies

Morning sickness is an awful affliction, as well as a misnomer.  As many mums will know, pregnancy nausea can strike at any time of the day.   Although it can ruin the joy of pregnancy, nausea remedies are available, and these can alleviate the symptoms and enable pregnancy to be enjoyed to the full.

The Symptoms of Pregnancy Nausea

From even before the first period is missed, pregnancy nausea can start to appear and it can occur at any time of the day or night.  For some people, the symptoms may only be feeling a little nauseous or perhaps being sick once or twice.  For others, the nausea may last all day and they may also throw up frequently.   Often, the symptoms start to pass at around the end of the third month of pregnancy, but in some cases, it can continue on into the second trimester and in very occasional cases, right up until the birth.

What Causes Pregnancy Nausea?

It is not actually known what triggers pregnancy nausea to occur.   There are two schools of thought as to what the trigger could be.  One theory is that hormonal or blood sugar imbalances caused by pregnancy may cause the queasiness and vomiting, this is in some ways supported by similar symptoms being caused by hormonal medication such as the pill.  Another theory is that the body tries to protect the baby from harmful substances which is in some ways reinforced by research which has shown that women who do not experience pregnancy nausea are more likely to miscarry.   The likelihood is that it is a combination of these factors and although this knowledge does little to help, there are plenty of pregnancy nausea remedies which can help.

Pregnancy Nausea Remedies

Eat small, regular, snacks – The first of the pregnancy nausea remedies but also a very useful one is to eat small snacks regularly.  Ideally a snack should be eaten every couple of hours to avoid the stomach getting empty as this seems to exacerbate the feelings of sickness.  Unfortunately, the converse is also true, and a very full stomach, particularly if a meal has been high in fat, puts the digestive system under pressure and can also exacerbate the nausea.  For this reason, frequent snacks such as a cracker or some toast, can help things stay on an even keel and it is worth keeping crackers next to the bed for when you wake.

Ginger can help! – Whilst it is very much an old wives remedy, it has been shown through research that ginger really can help relieve nausea.  It can be taken in any number of forms, from ginger biscuits to candied ginger, from ginger tea to ginger beer.  And the real beauty of ginger is that is it safe to use during pregnancy.

Eat what you can – Whilst you should, when possible, eat a balanced diet; if you are feeling very sick one of the most simple pregnancy nausea remedies is just to eat whatever you can cope with. And to an extent, you should go with your cravings (chalk and sponges notwithstanding), there is plenty of time for healthy eating later.  It is likely that some, possible many, foods will turn your stomach, so if eating oranges and Nutella is all that you can manage, then stick with them, spiked with a multivitamin if possible, until you can face other things too.  And, as reassurance, so long as you were healthy prior to your pregnancy, your liver stores many of the nutrients that your baby needs to develop healthily.


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