Flatulence Remedy

Whilst many people experience occasional flatulence that can be laughed off, for others chronic flatulence can be an embarrassing and antisocial problem. Luckily, when looking for a successful flatulence remedy, in many cases, you need look no further than the kitchen.

The Symptoms of a Flatulence

Flatulence is a term usually used to describe the passing of gas through the rectum. Such gas, or “wind”, is a symptom of excess gas in the gastrointestinal system and this gas can either be passed, or can leave the stomach bloated and uncomfortable.

Flatulence Causes?

Everyone has, within their intestine, bacteria which produces gas. The gas which is produced by these bacteria is mainly hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and (the smelly stuff) some which contain sulphur. The volume of gas which is produced, and the different quantities of each type of gas produced depend on both the types of bacteria colonising the intestine and diet. When a person’s system is healthy, the large volume of gas produced is easily and unnoticeably expelled. However, flatulence problems can occur because an excess of gas, particularly sulphurous gas, is produced and is not expelled easily. The excess of gas, or the production of particularly sulphurous gas, can be caused by issues such as a food intolerance, a diet of food that is hard to digest, swallowing too much air, a stomach upset or illness or variations in the bacteria within the intestine.

Flatulence Remedy

Underlying conditions

Before embarking on any other flatulence remedy, it is wise first to consult a doctor to ensure that it is not being caused by and underlying condition that is affecting your health. Conditions which can cause problems with flatulence include food intolerances such as a dairy intolerance or celiac disease. Once these have been diagnosed, following diets which eliminate the problem food can remove the flatulence problems entirely.

Changing your diet

For many people, changes in the food eaten turns out to be the best flatulence remedy. Some, un-absorbable, carbohydrates such as pulses and brassicas cannot be broken down in the intestines, and so pass into the colon where they can be broken down and produce excess gas. If the digestive process is sluggish, these undigested carbohydrates can start to decompose resulting in an offensive smelling gas. By adjusting the diet to include easy to digest carbohydrates such as potatoes and rice, the flatulence symptoms can be alleviated. In addition, changing eating patterns to eating small regular meals instead of three large meals a day can reduce the strain on the digestive system which in turn can reduce flatulence.

Swallowing air

If you have tried each flatulence remedy above but are still having problems it may be that you are swallowing too much air. Whilst it is normal to swallow air when eating and breathing, it can be easy to swallow too much, particularly in times of stress. By practicing relaxation exercises, including breathing exercises, the swallowing of air can be minimised making it a simple, but effective flatulence remedy.


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