Mouth ulcers are often referred to as canker sores and are small white spots inside the mouth that are usually surrounded by a red ring.  Mouth ulcers are generally located on the inside of the cheek or inner side of [&hellip

If you suffer from frizzy hair, you know it can be an embarrassing situation. Anyone can have a case of the frizzies, not just those with curly hair. Frizzy hair occurs because of damage to the hair shaft.  Most common [&hellip

A dry throat can be caused by several things, and is very common in the winter, when the heater in your home increases the dryness in the air.  A dry throat can also be caused by allergies, the common cold [&hellip

Hair-loss can be a problem not only for men, but also for women. Hair loss often is hereditary, meaning it runs in families, but there are other causes of hair loss, including: Chemotherapy Poor nutrition Ringworm of the scalp Frequently [&hellip

Dry, cracked heels are often due to neglect of our feet, but as we age, dry, cracked heels become more common. Also, the constant pressure of walking on our feet can lead to cracked, dry heels. While having dry, cracked [&hellip

natural anxiety remedies

Anxiety is a psychological condition which causes one to feel worried, apprehensive and fearful. Anxiety affects nearly 40 million people and can be quite debilitating, as it often interferes with everyday activities. Common symptoms of anxiety include mood swings, panic [&hellip

Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, is a real condition of which more than 150 systems have been associated. It has been estimated that 90% of women have symptoms associated with their periods and 40% of those women have actual PMS. Most [&hellip

Greasy, oily hair is a problem many people experience and can make you look and feel dirty even when you have just showered and washed your hair.  Greasy hair is more common in those who have very fine or straight [&hellip

An abscess tooth occurs when a decayed tooth becomes infected, due to bacteria, and forms a pocket of pus. This infection is usually in the root of the tooth, but can be in the gum surrounding the decayed tooth. If [&hellip

Meditation has always been a part of most of the ancient civilizations. Earlier, it was associated with religion, and restricted to only religious ceremonies. Some associate it with a way to attain spiritual oneness and peace of mind, while others [&hellip