Natural Herbs for Hair growth

Herbs for Hair growth

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women and using recommended herbs to stimulate  hair growth has been effective for many individuals.  Preventing further hair loss and encouraging regrowth depends on successfully identifying and treating the underlying reason.

Some of the Causes of Hair Loss

Changing hormone levels, usually a decrease in testosterone in men causes gradually increasing baldness.  Balancing the hormone levels using appropriate herbs will help to slow down the hair loss process and promote new growth.

Hair loss can be caused by an illness or form of treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy in cancer treatments.  Total hair loss is not an unexpected side effect, but once treatment ends. Herbs for hairgrowth can quickly restore a full complement of hair.

Hair loss due to family genetics is the one type of baldness that does not respond to herbs for hairgrowth.  There are no known herbs that have been proven to slow down the process.

1) Recommended herbs for hair growth in men are saw palmetto and stinging nettle.

Saw palmetto is used to maintain prostate health.  Prostate conditions affect the productions of hormones, and levels become unbalanced, often resulting in hair loss.  By treating the prostate condition, there is a knock on effect that stops hair loss and promotes new growth.

Maintaining the kidneys is essential to prostate health and herbs used such as uva ursi leaves, corn silk, parsley and juniper berries help to keep the kidneys clean and healthy and able to support the prostate.

Stinging nettle helps to maintain the levels of free testosterone and helps to prevent hair loss.  It comes in tea form and is safe for long term daily use.

2) Recommended herbs for hair growth in women are henna and coconut oil.

Henna has been used for centuries as an ingredient in hair products.  It can be used to prevent or slow down hair loss,  stimulates growth and is used to protect the hair when coloring. It can be crushed to a powder and mixed with a paste or liquid for direct application to the hair and scalp as a thinning hair remedy.

Coconut oil can be rubbed directly onto the hair to provide natural conditioner after washing.  It is widely used in commercial cosmetic hair and skin products.

Female hormones that are out of kilter may also result in excessive hair loss or bald patches.  Restoring balance to the hormone levels should stop further hair loss and stimulate growth. A recommended natural herb mix of dong quai, chaste tree berry and wild yam helps to restore hormone balance.

The emphasis for using herbs for hair growth is to identify the cause.  Treat the cause with herbs, conventional medication or treatments to create a knock on effect that will prevent further hair loss and promote hair growth.

Herbal treatments work effectively when used as instructed.  However, adopting a holistic approach to treatments does mean that diet, and lifestyle need to be appropriate for healthy living. Herbs for hair growth are only one part of an effective treatment.

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