Muscle Confusion – 7 Day plan

You may have been working out for some time and while, at first, you saw great results, suddenly, you are at a standstill.  This usually occurs when a person does the same workout, week after week.  To fix the problem and start seeing the results of your workout, consider muscle confusion.

Muscle confusion involves making continuous changes to your workout. With muscle confusion, you confuse muscles by working them different way. You can do this with any muscles by simply switching between designated machines, weights, type of exercise, and resistance bands.

With muscle confusion, your body will not become accustom to your routine and you’ll see better results. It involves a mix of cardio exercises with strength and weight training. Muscle confusion challenges the body.

Also, you can change other parts of your workout. Change the number of repetitions of an exercise, or change the amount of weights you are using.
You should vary your routine every three or four weeks. This will keep your muscles confused, giving you the best results possible from your workout. You won’t become bored with your workout, and neither will your muscles.

If you need ideas for new routines and variations, surf the web, or consult a personal trainer for advice.  Try working out with a friend and switch your routine with theirs.
With muscle confusion workouts, it’s important to utilize proper form for maximum results and minimal risk of injury. Always give your muscles time to rest between your workouts. In addition, eat a healthy diet with plenty of protein and carbohydrates.

There is substantial evidence showing muscle confusion workouts are quite effective. Muscle confusion workouts have been found to increase weight loss and build muscle.
Example of a Muscle Confusion Workout

The following is a basic example of what a muscle confusion workout might consist of:

  • Day 1:

On the first day of your workout, try working with weights, performing crunches and leg lifts. Do 8 to 10 repetitions of each weight exercise performed.

  • Day 2:

Day two should consist of intense aerobic exercise. Kickboxing is a good example.

  • Day 3:

Day 3 should consist of weight training. Try exercising muscles that weren’t exercised with weight training on Day 1.

  • Day 4:

Day 4 should consist of activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.

  • Day 5:

Day 5 is another day of aerobic activity. Perform different aerobic exercises than those done on Day 2.

  • Day 6:

Day 6 should be devoted to increasing your overall mobility Static and dynamic stretching exercises are recommended for Day 6.

  • Day 7:

Day 7 is somewhat a day of rest, to recuperate from the first 6 days of your muscle confusion workout. Light yoga exercises are recommended for Day 7. These exercises should be different from any yoga exercises performed on Day 4.


Remember that working out too vigorously, or overtraining, can actually damage the muscles. Plus, injuries need time to recuperate and, therefore, take away from your exercise routine. Always perform light stretching exercises before a workout to prepare the muscles and lessen the chance of injury. If done correctly, muscle confusion will lead to great results, in both weight loss and the building of muscle mass.

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