How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Many of us new and old mommies become victims of the “baby weight syndrome.” We can only use the saying, “Well I just had a baby,” for so long and then we have to start actually losing the weight.

It’s hard to lose the weight whether you have had one or five kids. So many of us gain the baby weight and have trouble losing it, but also it results in much bigger problems later.

We in turn start to feel ugly or less attractive and then become complacent and not active with our kids physically and communicatively. There are several home remedies that can help us lose the baby weight and help us to remain active and sane mothers for our little one(s). Losing weight is not only going to help physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. This is why many women are looking for help on how to lose weight after pregnancy. Lets take a look at where you can start.

Losing Baby Weight Begins at Home

  • Breastfeeding is the biggest calorie burner and can be done just by sitting down. New mommies often store extra calories in their bodies for the simple fact that we will be “dispensing” out those calories to our new little ones. Many mothers choose not to breast feed, but it burns up to 500 calories in a day. The pain can be well worth it.
  • Eating healthy goes along with breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding, you need to be eating well-balanced meals.  As you know, what you eat is what your baby is going to be eating.  Doctors, nutritionists, trainers, etc. all will tell you that eating healthy is what will help lose the weight and keep it off. Push the fruits and veggies and throw out the sweets and junk food.
  • Along with eating healthier, you need to eat in smaller portions. Portion size is everything. Many trainers will tell you that if you will choose a smaller plate to put your food on, you will have less food on your plate, therefore eat less.
  • There are many exercise videos that are targeted for post pregnancy women and a few simple exercises that can be done at home. When you go to the grocery store, park a few extra spaces over. Yes, I realize that hauling that baby carrier isn’t fun, but the extra few steps will help burns those pounds. Also, when you go to pick your baby up off the floor or you’re feeding them at the high chair, bend at your knees (90 degree angle at the knee) and it will work those leg and butt muscles. If you feel the burn, you’re doing it correctly.  Many women also try Yoga. Yoga is great for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Make sure to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Cut out the sodas and push the water. If you are exercising, drinking more water will only help drop more weight. Water doesn’t have any calories, every other drink does. In addition, you should be drinking more water if you decide to breastfeed. Filling up on water can also cause you to crave less sweets or junk food.

All the above are great tips for losing that extra baby weight, but if you don’t feel good inside, you won’t be able to even begin number one, breastfeeding. Yes, I realize that seeing yourself in the mirror everyday with those extra pounds doesn’t boost the self-esteem, but you have to tell yourself that you are beautiful and you will do the extra stuff it takes to get back to the way you looked before the pregnancy.

If you feel depressed or just not right inside, call your doctor. Many women experience the “baby blues”. Yes, it’s more than that, but calling your doctor first is a huge first step. Also, always ask for help. Having a new baby, whether it’s your first or fifth, still requires some help. Just remember that no one said life was easy, but you can do some simple home tricks/remedies to get you back on track.


Do you have any hints or tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy? If so please share in the comments below!

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