How to Lose Back Fat

Back fat is annoying, embarrassing and problematic. Why does so much fat collect there? Well, the short answer is that all that extra food you eat has to be stored somewhere and that is a popular place on your body.

How can you get rid of back fat? The short answers are exercising and eating healthy. Those sound like easy solutions, but not that simple to effectively execute.

There are several exercises and suggestions to improve your diet to help fight this collection of fat. Before you read on, remember to be patient and you will have long-term success. These suggestions are meant to be lifestyle changes, not a temporary diet or fad.

Exercise Tips For Back Fat Loss

If you think about it, exercise is a way to use the weight of your own body to lose weight. The key to exercise is to not do too much when you first begin. It is easy to say you will come to the gym every day, but when you miss a day you can feel defeated.

Begin with a reasonable, but regular schedule. Get into a routine and you will feel better, see results and you will wonder why you didn’t start this routine earlier. If you exercise before you go to sleep, it will be hard. Sleeping is critical when you are losing weight, so avoid exercising right before you go to sleep.

Aerobic Exercise is Awesome in so Many Ways!

  • Great for your cardiovascular system and your heart
  • Great way to burn calories and a major league fat burner!
  • Jogging, running, walking, dancing and playing action sports are some examples
  • Aerobic exercise is any activity that accelerates and maintains your heart rate for approximately 20 minutes and makes you sweat!
  • Kickboxing, rowing, and swimming are terrific exercises for your back

Weight Training-Great for Women Too!

  • Pay attention ladies, weight training does not make you look bigger.
  • Weight lifting helps build stronger muscles, which has endless benefits
  • Lifting weights builds lean muscle, which burns more calories

Specific Exercises for Stubborn Back Fat

Let’s face it-back fat is very stubborn and difficult to lose. So, these exercises focus solely on the back. Other very effective exercises for combating back fat are Pilates and yoga. These two exercises are great stress relievers and will also leave you feeling toned and refreshed.

Opposite Leg and Arm Lifts

  1. Lie flat on the floor.
  2. Keep your forehead to the side or straight down.
  3. Keep your chest and pelvis on the floor and slowly lift your left leg and right arm
  4. Hold for a few seconds, lower, and repeat with opposite arm and leg
  5. Start with five repetitions on each side and increase the number as you get better

Rear Deltoid Fly

  1. Sit in a chair, on the edge with 2-3 lb. holding weights
  2. From the hips, bend
  3. Your chin should be tucked into your chest
  4. Make your back flat.
  5. With your hands below your knees, bend your elbows and slowly bring them up along your sides until you are able to squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  6. Pause and then lower your arms slowly
  7. Do three sets of ten repetitions
  8. When you no longer feel the burn with this many, use heavier weights

Back Extension

  1. Lie on the floor
  2. Hands should be placed at your sides with you palms facing down
  3. You should then pull your abdomen toward your spine
  4. While looking down, raise your head and chest slowly
  5. Reach your head forward, keeping it tense
  6. Turn your hands around, thumbs facing outward and reach behind you
  7. The ultimate goal is four repetitions, holding each one for 20 seconds.

The Magic Exercise Ball

Yes, exercise balls are truly magical. They are fun and really produce results. You can buy one almost anywhere these days and they normally come with some great exercises, complete with photos so you can easily follow their directions. Here are two good ones for your back to get you started.

For your lower back fat:

  1. Lay on the ball, face down, and centering your lower abdomen and pelvis on the ball
  2. Place your hands behind your head and put both feet firmly on the floor
  3. Next, raise your upper body, slowly, until your back is straight
  4. Stay in this position for five seconds and then lower yourself, slowly
  5. Repeat five times

For your upper back fat:

  1. Sit on the ball and lean forward from your hips
  2. Let your arms hang down by your calves
  3. Hold light hand weights –start with 2-3 lbs. and increase as you improve over time
  4. Keeping your back straight, slowly raise your arms up until they are parallel to the floor
  5. Pause, slowly lower, repeat, your goal is two sets of 15 repetitions

All these changes are simple, but do require commitment, perseverance and resolve. Find an exercise or diet partner and start this journey together. Remember that every day, every meal, and every exercise counts.

Dietary Changes

  • Eliminate sugar from your diet.
  • Quit drinking soda. Water has endless benefits and is free!
  • Carbohydrates turn into sugar after they are consumed, so eliminate them too.

How to Stick with your Lifestyle Changes

  • Set reasonable, timely and achievable goals.
  • Find a support system. A friend to make changes with is a great way to be accountable and stay focused. It’s hard to tell your exercise buddy that you need to catch up on the last few episodes of The Biggest Loser or your favorite soap opera.
  • Eat in moderation.
  • Make it fun and think of the great reward of the new you in the mirror!
  • Eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. It just makes you hungry later. You fill your gas tank up when you get ready to go on a long trip, why shouldn’t you do the same thing to your body?
  • Just say no to late night snacks.
  • Eat regularly. Five mini meals are much better for you than no breakfast, fast food for lunch and a giant dinner.

Tips to Hide Back Fat until You Lose It

  • Wear loose fitting clothes.
  • Ladies, make sure your bra is not too tight. Those bulges around the straps are frightening. Consider going to a bra specialty shop or a department store that has a person with bra fitting expertise. You won’t believe what a wonderful thing you have done for yourself after you leave. A properly fitted bra is usually more expensive, but a good fitting bra is so much better than a dozen cheap ones.
  • Wear a sports bra over your regular bra or a camisole or an undershirt.
  • Good posture makes you look slimmer and makes your back smoother.

Remember, like everything worthwhile, losing back fat will take time and effort, but it can be done!

Why Not Share Your Tips On How To Lose Back Fat Below!

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