Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are lots of wiggly red and purple lines that eventually turn white and are the result of your skin being stretched beyond its normal capacity.

This happens most often during pregnancy, but is also common in both men and women when weight or muscle is lost or gained in a short period of time. Our skin has is capable of being stretched, but when it is overstretched, that’s when stretch marks are born. This excessive stretching disrupts the production of collagen.

Most stretch marks develop on the breasts, stomach, hips, arms and thighs. Stretch marks are essentially scars and are below the skin’s surface making them unaffected by treatment. Stretch marks don’t physically hurt, but they can be damaging to the ego and make looking in the mirror or wearing a swim suit a mentally challenging experience. There are several home remedies to reduce the look of stretch marks, but they will never completely go away. Once you get them, they are yours forever. The remedies listed below are helpful and will at the very least revitalize your skin.

Stretch Mark Home Remedies

To be honest, there is actually no remedy for stretch marks. Once you have them, they are yours forever. Preventing them is your best defense against these hideous ‘road maps’ on various places on your body. Unfortunately, they appear on the largest parts of your body, so they are not easily missed. The most effective effort for stretch marks once they are part of your permanent skin pattern is to attempt to lessen their appearance and never fear; listed below are several effective home remedies that can help you achieve that goal.

• Exercise – Here it is again, exercise; this activity seems to be a solution to almost every problem you may experience. In the case of stretch marks, exercise will firm your skin and tone your muscles, helping you to prevent them or reduce the appearance of the ones you have managed to develop.

• Creams and Oils – The creams, oils and recipes listed below moisturize your skin and they also contain antioxidant ingredients magically improve the skin’s ability to heal itself, even if they don’t’ magically make your stretch marks disappear. The purpose of the solutions listed is to help repair damaged skin, which is what those stretch marks really are.

• Vaseline – Applying to your stomach during pregnancy has shown evidence of the prevention and treatment of stretch marks.

• Lavender Oil – Rub lavender oil on stretch marks each day to reduce their appearance.

• Aloe Vera – Apply the gel from an aloe leaf to your stretch marks daily.

• Baby Oil – This multi-purpose oil reduces the color of stretch marks, making them look less like a road map and more like weird white stripes, which are arguably more attractive than an Atlas.

• Vitamin E or Olive Oil – Massage the liquid from these capsules or bottled oil to your stretch marks after showering.

• Cocoa or Shea Butter – This is probably the best known remedy for stretch marks remedies. Rub it on your stretch marks daily to help fade stretch marks and aid in collagen production.

• Rosehip Oil – A magical concoction that can be used on sensitive skin, rosehip is an essential oil that contains elements (Vitamin A and polyunsaturated fatty acids) that have been proven to repair the skin, minimizing stretch marks and wrinkles! Rosehip oil does not leave an oily film, so adding Vitamin E oil will enable you to keep it fresh for up to two years.
Massage about three drops of oil two times per day until absorbed into the area where the stretch marks are the most prominent. You should use a moisturizer with sunscreen when using rosehip oil.

• Sunless Tanning Lotion – This will help to hide the stretch marks, but remember actual sunlight will make them more apparent; so it is important to use sunscreen on your stretch marks.

Stretchmark Recipe Remedies

You can also try one of these two homemade recipes, which have been shown to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Apply daily to the areas of the body where stretch marks typically appear.

1. Mix one ounce of one of the following carrier oils:

  • Jojoba, sweet almond or avocado, with:
  • 5 drops of chamomile
  • 7 drops of lavender

2. Mix the following ingredients:

  • ¼ cup aloe vera gel
  • ½ cup virgin olive oil
  • The liquid from 6 Vitamin E capsules
  • Store the mixture in the refrigerator for future use.

Changes in Diet

The following diet changes may help to prevent stretch marks:

• Zinc-Rich Foods
Seeds and nuts contain zinc, helping to prevent stretch marks from forming. Zinc is beneficial to your skin and silica aids in the formation of collagen. Silica can be found in bell peppers, leafy green vegetables, brown rice, beets and whole grains.

• Vitamin K
Eat foods high in Vitamin K. Good sources of this vitamin are dairy products, tomatoes, spinach, collard greens, broccoli and liver.

• Vitamins A, E and C
Supplements or foods containing these vitamins promote healthy tissue growth, in addition to protein. It is important to note that women who are pregnant should not take more than 25,000 IU of Vitamin A.

• Essential Fatty Acids
They aid in the generation of cell walls and are found in fish oils, vegetables and vegetable oils.


These home remedies for stretch marks should have them fading into the background. Use them consistently for the best results.

Suffered with stretch marks and found a home remedy? If so please share in the comments below

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