The Best Herbs for Stress Relief

Anyone who says they are never stressed and don’t need to know about herbs for stress relief is probably delusional. Stress is a part of everyday life and is said to be good for us, but only in limited amounts. The real problems occur when the stressors are continuous and start to overwhelm us impacting on our mental and/or physical health.

Stress can affect anyone at any age.  Stress that is persistent over prolonged periods can have serious repercussions on the individual’s ability to live a normal life.  They are in danger of developing longer term physical or mental health problems. Many of the herbs for stress help the individual to cope with the effects of stress on both a physical and mental level.

There are two main types of Herbs for Stress Relief

  1. Nervines are herbs that contain sedative or calming properties and are particularly helpful for relieving stress almost immediately. They help the nervous system to deal with the negative impacts of stress such as helping to restore a healthy sleep pattern and lessen the impact of feelings of anxiety.
  2. Adaptogen herbs help the body to build up a resilience to stress over the longer term to achieve the full benefits.

Both types of herbs for stress come in a tea form and can be taken 2-3 times daily, or just when feeling stressed. They also come in capsule, and liquid extracts blend can be found in health food shops and many supermarkets and pharmacies.

Popular Herbs for Stress Relief

Scullcap is used to treat nervous exhaustion. It’s relaxant properties help to relieve nervous stomach, tremors and restless legs. It acts as a mild anti-anxiety medication.  Best used in a fresh or freeze-dried form. Tincture, extracts and dried herbs are not effective as a treatment.

Fresh Oat or Avena helps to reduce symptoms of stress such as muscle pain and high blood pressure caused by tension. It helps to calm and control the emotions and relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It combines well with other herbs for stress to provide a stronger effect. It should be used as an herbal infusion for the best effect.

Lemon Balm and Chamomile can be used on their own or together to produce a tea that has a calming effect and helps to improve the mood. The tea helps to relax the nervous system and reduce the production of harmful acid in the stomach. Both are widely used in herbal remedies for their many medicinal properties.

Passion flower and California Poppy help to relieve tension pains and headaches. They also work on the gastric system to prevent symptoms of stress. Passion Flower is reported to be one of the strongest nervine herbs and has sedative properties to help with sleep issues. However, the California Poppy is the stronger acting herb.

Linden flowers make delicious infusions that help to relieve tension headaches and lower blood pressure. It is shown excellent results in the treatment of mild anxiety or general stress related conditions.  It is safe for use by adults or children as an upset stomach remedy.

Have You Tried Herbs For Stress Relief? If So Please Share Your Experiences Below!

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