Herbs for Memory Improvement

Many people are turning to herbs for memory improvement as well as other ways to stimulate and keep their brains sharp and focused. Herbs have been perceived and used  for centuries as the natural and safe way to maintain the level of brain function and improve memory. The brain is an extremely complex organ that controls both the short and long term memory in addition to its control of all the bodies organs and systems.

Often it is not until someone becomes aware that they are having lapses of memory that they start to worry in case they have some serious health problem. Almost everyone experiences lapses of memory at some point in their life, but not all of them are a cause for concern. Some of the causes for poor memory may well respond positively to using herbs for memory improvement.

Short Term Memory

Accounts for things that have happened, or we have done in the recent past.  Such as what we had for dinner yesterday, or did we remember to switch the cooker off when we left the house.

One of the most common causes of short term memory problems in a perfectly healthy individual is simply that they have been disinterested and switched off. They may have done this consciously because it’s convenient, and they just don’t want to know about something. On the other hand, they may have done it unconsciously because they have been distracted by something else. This type of short term memory lapse comes down to self discipline and herbs for memory improvement are unlikely to help.

Short term memory can be affected by many different medical conditions.  Some such as dementia and alzheimer are perceived as being age related, but can occur in patients of any age.  Herbal remedies are often used in the early stages as they are believed to be beneficial in slowing the progress of the disease. Although initially it is usually the short term memory, these conditions can progressively destroy the long term memory.

Many physical or mental illnesses can affect short term memory.  A combination of drugs, pain and other symptoms can affect levels of concentration and the ability to take in and retain information.  This usually resolves once normal health is resumed.  Herbs for memory improvement may help to improve concentration and relieve pain making it easier to take in a retain information.

Long Term Memory

Long term memory is a combination of the things we have experienced, seen or learned over our life-time.  Some memories do fade over the years, particularly if it was an unpleasant experience that we try to block out anyway.  The memories that do last are the ones that have meaning to us, or the things we have learned.

As with short term memory loss there are several reasons why our memories become impaired and using herbs for memory improvement has proven to be beneficial.

The best herbs for memory improvement

There is a whole range of recommended herbs for memory improvement and herbalist will provide detailed advice and guidance on the right herbal remedy for an individual’s circumstances. In general the popular herbs used are:

  1. Ginkgo biloba is an ingredient used in many memory supplements.   It helps to improve the blood flow to the brain and other organs. Medical research has proven it is effective in the treatment at the early stages of alzheimer, or for mild memory loss.
  2. Sage oil helps to boost production of chemicals in the brain that are known to be depleted by alzheimer. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help with memory improvement.
  3. Giloy is a multi-use herb that stimulates the body’s defenses against disease. It is used as a memory enhancer due to its ability to repair damaged cells in the brain.
  4. Brahmi is used to improve concentration, retention and recollection. It can also be useful in relieving stress and anxiety and lowering blood pressure.

These are only a few of the most popular herbs for memory improvement. They are safe to use and can be taken as prescribed for long term preventative use.

If You Have Used Herbs for Memory Improvement Please Let Us Know Your Thoughts Below, Good Or Bad!

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