5 Herbs for High Blood Pressure

Herbs For High Blood Pressure

Nowadays many people are asking what the best herbs for high blood pressure control are. They are starting to recognise the benefits of prevention rather than cure. However, once a patient is diagnosed with high blood pressure taking prescribed drugs helps to lower and control blood pressure. They live with the knowledge that if they stop taking the drugs the high blood pressure is likely to return.

High blood pressure is often caused by lifestyle and excessive stress.  Those who smoke, are heavy drinkers, use a lot of salt on the food and for cooking, are considered to be obese and do not take sufficient exercise are all potential sufferers. Anyone who has a family history of high blood pressure or strokes are also at greater risk.  Failing to have treatment and making lifestyle adjustments to encompass a healthy living regime places the patient at acute risk of a heart attack.  Often the damage caused by a heart attack can be irreversible or at worst fatal.

Which Herbs for High Blood Pressure Should You Use?

Using herbs with a healthy eating plan helps to lower high blood pressure and maintain it at the correct level.  In addition herbs can usually be added to food to make them tastier. The recommended herbs for blood pressure control are:

  1. Garlic is commonly used in food preparation. Garlic contains sulphide that helps to lower blood pressure and several compound properties. Compound properties help to widen arteries to allow blood flow and helps with maintenance of the arteries, thats why garlic and high blood pressure.
  2. Ginger is another herb commonly used to flavour foods and drinks.  It contains properties that are known to improve circulation by lowering the blood pressure.  It helps the muscles surrounding blood vessels to relax and helps to lower high cholesterol.
  3. Cinnamon is also used widely in foods or drinks as flavouring.  Cinnamon contains antioxidant properties that are known to reduce cholesterol.  In addition cinnamon the helps with maintaining and using the hormone insulin.
  4. Cardamom is an herb that is used as a spice, a condiment and for cooking.  It is widely used for a number of medical conditions, but is known to relieve congestion in the lungs and thereby relieve the pressure on the heart and blood flow system.
  5. Kelp or as it is more commonly known Seaweed, has for centuries been popular as an ingredient in Asian cookery.  Kelp is known to help thin the blood, thereby relieving blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels that are too high.

These are only a few of the herbs for high blood pressure that have been medically proven to be effective. These herbs are all present either singly or in combination in products we may use daily. They are proven to be safe for short or long term use in food and drink preparations and should work well in combination with conventional medications.

There is a whole range of other less well known herbs for high blood pressure, such as Hawthorn, Ashwagandha, Maniishta and Jatamamsi. Before using these herbs patients using conventional medications should check with their general practitioner.

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