Herbs for Anxiety – Providing a Drug Free Treatment Option

There is a growing support for the use of herbs as a treatment for anxiety rather than prescription medications. An expanding market for herbal and alternative remedies demonstrates a willingness by individuals to explore less conventional treatments for many of their health conditions. They do not hold the same concerns about addiction and unwanted side effects as they do with many prescription drugs.

Individual herbs are often used as alternative treatments for a range of medical conditions. Research has proved that the most effective herbs for anxiety treatment are:-

  • Chamomile has natural ingredients that help to sooth and relax. It is often used as a hot drink to help relieve stress and is recommended to counter difficulties with sleeping.
  • Catnip has been used for centuries because of its sedative effect. It has a calming and relaxing effect and is also used as a pain reliever.
  • Valerian root is widely accepted within the medical profession as the herb that has the best success record for treating anxiety. Its properties are known to encourage relaxation and relieve anxiety.  It is also used to eliminate irregular and disturbed sleep patterns.
  • Ginseng is another popular herb for anxiety treatment.  As well as helping to induce relaxation, ginseng has properties that stimulate and help to reduce stress levels.  It works with the body’s natural hormones to maintain an emotional balance.
  • Kava roots have been used for centuries as a drink to boost the mood. It has a reputation for being fast acting and reducing stress and anxiety in days rather than weeks. It is widely recommended as being effective for women reaching the menopause who suffer from depression.
  • Bugleweed is one of the less popular herbs for anxiety. It does have some sedative effects, but does not produce the same level of stress and anxiety reduction as some other herbs. It does have several other uses in medicine.
  • St John’s Wort herb is known to be effective in treating hysteria, insomnia and depression, all which help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It also has a variety of uses in treating bites and burns.
  • Damania shrub is rated as one of the best herbs for anxiety treatment. It works with the hormones as a stimulant, improves the mood and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Lemon balm is another one of the multi-purpose herbs for anxiety. It has sedative properties that help in the treatment of depression and insomnia and helps to control the release of hormones into the body at the right levels to reduce stress and anxiety. It is often used in the treatment of patients with Graves or Alzheimer’s disease as it has properties that stimulate the memory.

Prescription drugs usually contain some level of natural herbs, but they also contain other substances that may be synthetic and will not react well if taken with natural alternative remedies. So to avoid causing further health problems, individuals should always seek expert advice. A qualified herbalist or a medical professional, such as the local pharmacist will be able to provide the best advice.

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Pankaj kumar

I have always felt that anxiety is the biggest problem of the mankind. once the seed of anxiety is into someone then the same seed is planted to other problems and diseases which can lead to fatal conditions like heart attack. I sincerely feel that we should use natural herbs as described above to get rid of this and live a healthy life. Surely these problems like anxiety are far worse than physical pain itself.


Prescription chemical solutions (medicines) have there side effects.
So use of herbs seems to be a good option for treatment of anxiety.
Thanks for an informative listing of many herbs for treatment of anxiety.


Ive known chamomile to be smooth and relaxing as it used to be the most common flavor or variety of some products like lotion. But we should be very careful upon using it. Some has side effects. Just like what happened to my office mate who turned into like a frog after using an herbal lotion to her body.


Ginger has also been very effective for me and my friends in calming the nerves especially after, or even during a very stressful day. You can boil it and drink it like tea with honey for taste.

Tenzho Lee

I never heard of most of the herb mentioned above. But my mother often make for me ginger tea whenever I was about to sit for exam. Even though I don’t quite like the smell of ginger tea, it never fails to calm me down to sit for my exam.

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