Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms can be many and varied. Of course, the main symptom is a pervasive and general feeling of anxiety related to a wide range of aspects of life.

If you are just anxious about one specific thing, such as an upcoming exam or problems with a relationship, you are probably not suffering from this disorder.

This is because generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, is characterized by excessive worries about little things in everyday life, the kind of situations that you know don’t bother most people. In fact, it’s about being worried about almost everything for a long period of time. To be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder symptoms must be ongoing for at least six months.

General anxiety is very common and you will often see it portrayed in books and movies. The early movies of Woody Allen were known for their depiction of characters played by Allen himself who would worry about almost every aspect of their lives. in a movie, this can be very funny, and it can often help sufferers to watch movies like this. You will see that you are not alone, and you will also probably laugh out loud, which is a good antidote to feelings of anxiety.

Most cases of GAD affect a sufferer’s life in a negative way. Even in mild cases, the person is often unwilling to face challenges such as accepting a promotion at work or even accepting a date, because they are totally focused on what might go wrong. They may be too anxious about traveling to take a much-needed vacation.

So what other generalized anxiety disorder symptoms are there, as well as feeling worried by life in general? A GAD sufferer will often be irritable, agitated and find it difficult to concentrate. GAD can also have physical symptoms that can be severe. These may include tiredness, twitching or restlessness, headaches and aching muscles (resulting from constant physical tension), and difficulty swallowing or eating.

Of course, symptoms like these are often worrying in themselves. In fact the symptoms of GAD can add to the problems of the underlying disorder. Often, people who suffer from excessive anxiety find it hard to maintain relationships. Many partners become impatient with the sufferer’s constant worrying, especially if the sufferer is unwilling to get help. This can lead to marriage breakdowns, loss of friends and increased social isolation.

Because of this, any type of anxiety disorder is likely to pull you in an increasing spiral of anxiety. First you are worried by specific things, then you become worried by the fact that you are anxious where other people would not be. So without treatment, anxiety disorder can grow and grow until it affects all aspects of life.

But do not let this negative side of GAD increase your anxiety about having it. Seek treatment or begin a recognized self-help program today. Treatment for GAD can be very successful. Many people find that their generalized anxiety disorder symptoms will diminish fast with treatment, helping them to lead happy, normal lives.


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