Diarrhea Home Remedies

Diarrhea is an unpleasant and uncomfortable affliction that unfortunately everyone will inevitably experience multiple times throughout their life.

The foods you consume are processed by your digestive tract.  The nutrients from the food you eat are removed by the small intestine and colon, which are parts of the digestive tract.

When what you eat and drink moves too quickly or in a large volume through your colon, the lack of absorption results in a watery bowl movement.  Diarrhea can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

Common Causes of Diarrhea

There are many causes for diarrhea ranging from trouble digesting certain foods to the consumption of contaminated foods containing a virus, bacteria or parasites.  Listed below are some of the common causes of diarrhea.

•    Virus
•    Bacteria and parasites from contaminated food and water.  This often occurs when visiting developing countries and is referred to as traveler’s diarrhea.
•    Medications.  Antibiotics are the most common culprits.
•    Lactose, fructose and artificial sweeteners may also be difficult for some people to digest.
•    Surgery to the abdomen, or gallbladder removal may cause diarrhea.
•    Vitamin K deficiency; consume green leafy vegetables, yogurt, alfalfa, soybean oil fish, liver oils and kelp for defense.

Home Remedies For Diarrhea


Most cases of diarrhea do not require treatment and only lasts a few days. However, you should see a doctor if diarrhea continues, become dehydrated or pass blood in your stool.  There are several diarrhea home remedies and actions you can take to help ease the symptoms during those uncomfortable few days.  One of the easiest is to change your diet.

Foods to avoid include:

  • Whole grain breads and cereals
  • Fresh, dried or frozen fruits (except banana)
  • Fruit juices with pulp and prune juice
  • Pickles
  • Raw vegetables
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Corn
  • Canned onions
  • Olives
  • Dried beans
  • Rich desserts
  • Milk or milk products
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeinated coffee and tea
  • Spicy, fatty and fried foods

Helpful foods include:

  • Gelatin
  • Applesauce
  • Crackers
  • Toast
  • Boiled white rice
  • Tapioca
  • White bread
  • Plain pasta
  • Creamed cereals
  • Eggs
  • Potatoes (without the skin)
  • Fish
  • Chicken or turkey (without the skin)

Proper Fluid Replacement

Water will help to replace the fluids you have lost, but it is important to remember that you also lost the salts and electrolytes your body needs to function properly.  Electrolyte balance is essential and a remedy to replace the minerals needed, such as sodium and potassium, is to drink fruit juices for the potassium content and eat soup to replace sodium.  Apple and pear juice should be avoided as they may exacerbate the condition.

The following are recommended to drink:

  • Water
  • Broth
  • Juice

Natural Remedies

  • Peppermint or chamomile tea
  • Valerian capsules
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Ginger capsules
  • Glutamine supplements
  • Probiotic foods and supplements contain beneficial living bacteria similar to those found naturally in your digestive system.  Probiotic foods, such as yogurt, cheese, miso and tempeh, are safe to eat and may help the discomfort and duration of diarrhea.  However , probiotics may cause gas and bloating.
  • Witch Hazel has astringent properties, which dry, tighten and harden tissues.  Tea made with chamomile, mint, witch hazel, and thyme can be quite effective for diarrhea caused by intestinal illness.


Natural Remedies to Alleviate Instances of Diarrhea

  • Niacin promotes a healthy digestive system and is found in liver, lean mean, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, peanuts, avocado, fish, legumes and whole grains.
  • Comfrey – found in teas.
  • Thyme functions as an antiduretic when taken internally.
  • Potassium supplement (1 gram) divided over three meals.
  • Vitamin F is found in vegetable oils, peanuts, sunflower seeds and walnuts.
  • Acidophillis liquid (1-2 tablespoons), flavored, taken three times per day.

If these remedies do not help and diarrhea is severe, or lasts more than a few days, it’s important to see a doctor.


Have you tried home remedies for diarrhea? If they worked let us know below!

Note: This information is simply for educational purposes and does not replace the advice of a doctor.

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