Banish Body Odor with These 15 Body Odor Remedies

Years ago, before the invention of indoor plumbing, people worked hard, perspired heavily and went days, if not weeks, without bathing. No one was bothered by the smell, probably because everyone smelled the same.  But times have changed, and today, people notice how you smell more than anything else about you, even more than how you look

Most people can control body odor with a daily shower; but if that’s not working for you, try the following body odor remedies that will leave you smelling like a rose.

1.    Wash your clothes after each wear.
Sweat can seep into clothing and produce an odor, as well as damage the fibers in clothing. Wash all washable clothing each time you wear them.  If clothes require dry cleaning and you plan to wear them more than once, hang them where they can air out, rather than shoving them in a crowded closet.

2.    Use an antiperspirant/deodorant combination.
Body odor begins with sweat, and antiperspirant can help to reduce the amount of sweat and reduce moisture, keeping you drier.  Deodorants often contain a substance that helps to kill the bacteria that causes body odor. Also, deodorant can help to mask body odor with a more acceptable scent.  A combination product is your best bet. Apply several times a day, if necessary.

3.    Wash daily.
Shower or bathe at least once a day to remove sweat and reduce the bacteria on your skin that causes odor. Shower more frequently when you perspire heavily.

4.    Wash with anti-bacterial soap.
Anti-bacterial soap lessens bacteria, and therefore, lessens odor.

5.    Change your clothes.
If you perspire heavily, it may be necessary to change your clothes more than once a day.

6.    Sprinkle with baking soda.
If antiperspirant and deodorant cause skin irritation, sprinkle on baking soda instead.

7.    Sprinkle on the baby powder.
Baby powder or talcum powder is another alternative to deodorant that will leave you smelling like a baby.

8.    Avoid alcohol and coffee.
If you tend to sweat a lot, alcohol and coffee will only make it worse, as they both increase the amount of perspiration. Try to cut back or eliminate the two.

9.    Watch what you eat.
Foods such as hot peppers and onions can affect how much you sweat. Also, when foods such as garlic, peppers and onions enter the bloodstream, the odors from these foods come out through your pores.

10.    Try herbal astringents.
Arnica lotion, tea tree oil, calendula, yarrow and coriander are all effective at fighting bacteria and controlling odor.

11.    Lose weight.
Obese people tend to sweat more, so if you are overweight, attempt to lose those extra pounds.

12.    Give odor a rub.
Rub armpits with alcohol swabs, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to help kill the bacteria causing the odor.

13.    Milk of Magnesia is for more than just stomach aches.
Spray Milk of Magnesia under arms several times daily, or dab it on 2 cotton balls and place under armpits while you sleep. Strange but true!

14.    Get a fresh, lemony scent.
Slice a lemon in half, remove the seeds, and use the lemon as you would deodorant.

15.    Mind your minerals.
Take a multi-vitamin that includes calcium, magnesium and zinc. You may be amazed by the results!

These body odor remedies should improve, if not eliminate, your body odor. If not, you should discuss the situation with your doctor. Your body odor may be a side effect of a medication you are taking, or possibly caused by a serious disease. Body odor may also be caused by a fungal or bacterial infection that may require treatment with antibiotics.


Have you tried home remedies for body odor? If it worked let us know below!

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