Blocked Nose Remedies

Inflammation of the mucus membranes of the nasal cavity result in a stuffy or blocked nose.  

Some common causes of inflammation and  blocked nose include:

•    Common cold
•    Flu
•    Air travel
•    Infection
•    Low humidity, i.e., dry air
•    An allergic reaction caused by:
o    Tree pollen
o    Mold
o    Smoke
o    Air pollution
o    Dust
o    Pet dander
o    Hay
o    Ragweed
o    Grass
o    Etc.

While a blocked nose can be truly frustrating, a blocked nose is usually not serious itself. It can, however, lead to an infection if left untreated. Also, a blocked nose can be a serious condition in infants and the elderly, as well as those with respiratory problems.  

Blocked Nose Remedies

There are several home remedies for a blocked nose. Try the following for fast relief from a blocked nose.

Enjoy the smell of eucalyptus.
Massage the forehead with eucalyptus oil to open sinus passages.  Another option is take a warm bath with a tablespoon of the oil added to the water.  Still, another option is to boil a pan of water, adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil, and breathing in the steam.

Use mentholatum rub.
Apply mentholatum rub, such as  Vicks VapoRub, to the sides of the nose and underneath the nostrils for almost instant relief for a blocked nose.   Use Vicks Vapo Steam in your vaporizer at night to keep the nasal passages open and allow you to sleep better.

Apply Breathe Right Strips.
Breathe Right Strips are sold in drug stores and may be purchased over the counter. The strips look much like a Band-aid, and are applied to the nose to force the nasal passages to stay open, allowing you to breathe much easier. A word of caution – BreatheRight Strips adhere to the skin and those with sensitive or thin skin may experience a slight bit of pain and irritation when removing the strip.

Enjoy a long hot shower.
The steam from a hot shower will open sinus passages, and thin mucus secretions, at least temporarily.

Have a bowl of chicken soup.
Mom was right. Chicken soup really is good for what ails you.  Several studies have found chicken soup to relieve a blocked nose.

Take a decongestant.
An over the counter decongestant can help to temporarily relieve a blocked nose. While these products are fine for most people to take occasionally, avoid overuse of decongestants.

Go ahead and cry.
Although slicing onions may bring tears to your eyes, the strong smell will open the nasal passages to relieve a blocked nose.

Use a saline nasal spray.
Saline nasal sprays naturally relieve a blocked nose and they are non-habit forming.  Many saline nasal sprays also contain menthol and/or eucalyptol, which are natural ingredients that further help to clear a blocked nose.  Saline nasal sprays are recommended over popular nasal sprays containing decongestants, as they can be habit forming, and, if used for more than 3 days, may actually cause nasal congestion to worsen, or even return.

Keep your head up.
Keep your head propped up while sleeping by using two pillows, which will help thin the mucus and allow the nasal passages to drain while you sleep.

Apply raw mustard oil.
At bedtime, apply raw mustard oil to both sides of the nose, which warms the area and helps to loosen and thin the mucus associated with a blocked nose.

Take your vitamin C.
Vitamin C lowers levels of histamine in the body. Histamine can cause a blocked nose, as it is similar to over the counter antihistamines used to keep the nose from running. Lower histamine levels mean less nasal congestion.

Use a humidifier.
If the air is dry, keep it hydrated by using a humidifier in your home or office.

Increase your water intake.
Increase your intake of water and fruit juices to help thin nasal mucus and allow for drainage.

Enjoy a hot cup of tea.
A hot steamy beverage, especially lemon or mint tea, helps to clear nasal passages and thin the mucus causing the blocked nose.

Enjoy a spicy hot meal.
If your stomach and taste buds can take the heat, pile on the jalapenos or other hot peppers, as well as onions, cayenne pepper, and Tobasco sauce.  Spicy foods almost instantly open the sinus passages and relieve a blocked nose. Garlic has a similar effect.


The above blocked nose remedies should have you breathing better in no time.  If you continue to have problems with a blocked nose, make an appointment with your doctor, as you may have an infection.

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