7 Herbs for Kidney Stones

Using the best herbs for kidney stones cannot only help to dissolve and flush the stones from the body, some herbs can help to prevent them forming. Anyone who has ever experienced the excruciating pain that comes with an attack of kidney stones will confirm that it is something to avoid at all costs.

Organic herbs or wild herbs are best used in the treatment of kidney stones. Commercially produced herbs will work, but will not have the same potency as fresh herbs. Many of the herbs can be used in combinations to produce a tea or tincture, or preparations can be purchased from health food stores.

Recommended Herbs for Kidney Stones

  1. Juniper Berries are used in many detox products. They effectively cleanse the kidneys of built up waste to prevent kidney stones. They destroy bacteria in the kidneys, bladder and bile ducts to stimulate their processes.
  2. Uva Ursi is an effective herb for detox and stimulation of the kidneys. The leaves of this plant are also used in many detox products. It has antiseptic properties that work on the urinary tract and antibacterial constituents who are most effective within 3-4 hours after taking the herb. Although effective in treating kidney stones and infections, this herb is not recommended for use if the patient has kidney disease or a urinary tract infection.
  3. Dandelion Leaf is considered to be a common weed. However, the leaves of the plant have properties that stimulate the kidneys and help to maintain their health.  This product can be purchased in health food stores. They can also be found in many gardens or open areas but should not be used in case they have been sprayed with chemicals used in gardens and parks.
  4. Parsley roots and leaf has properties to stimulate the kidneys and help to break down and expel waste. Use only organic plants that have not been subjected to chemical sprays or grow the plants at home.
  5. Cornsilk like parsley has properties to stimulate the kidneys. As the herb is extracted from corn, it is especially important to use organic corn.
  6. Couch grass has properties that help to cleanse the kidneys. It also has antibiotic properties that help to reduce inflammations in the urinary tract and the kidneys and prevents the formation of stones.
  7. Horsetail is an astringent that works on the genito-urinary tract.  It has diuretic properties that help to expel irritants and infections by increasing the volume of urine. It is known to be effective in the treatment of several other medical conditions of the bladder and the prostate.

The herbs mentioned are safe to use as instructed, with no known serious side effects. They can be used in conjunction with many other herbs that are known to aid the digestive system. A healthy system can greatly reduce the possibility of developing kidney stones. Using herbs for kidney stones can be effective in breaking down the stones and expelling them and for preventing stones reforming.

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